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Customer Feedback

Square House

"Justin was meticulous and thorough with our home inspection. He clearly explained every concern he had and wrote a very detailed report. I couldn't imagine a better home inspector."
- Review from Redfin

"Kyle has gone far beyond my expectations with his fast response to my questions and has conducted himself in a professional & knowledgeable manner." 
- Matt, Homeowner

"I particularly like the way you explain specific concerns to the home buyers without drama!"
- Dianne, Realtor

About the Report

In Texas, home inspectors are required to use a standard property inspection report form, which is a standardized form with check boxes organized by system. Inspectors have different approaches to reporting but, in simple terms, there are generally two different home inspection reporting styles. Some inspectors offer defects and observations as line items with little information while others have a more narrative approach. Going above the minimum requirements, our reports are in the narrative style with explanations, recommendations, technical information, tips and practical advice. We try to convey this information in layman terms whenever possible.

The Standard Report Includes

  • System types and information
  • Defects about some systems
  • Performance opinions for some systems
  • Information on how certain items were observed or inspected

Our Reports Also Include

  • Narrative information about issues
  • Tips and practical advice
  • Technical information and feedback
  • Repair and maintenance recommendations
  • Energy efficiency recommendations
  • Digital photos with arrows and captions