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Square House

"Justin was meticulous and thorough with our home inspection. He clearly explained every concern he had and wrote a very detailed report. I couldn't imagine a better home inspector."
- Review from Redfin

"Kyle has gone far beyond my expectations with his fast response to my questions and has conducted himself in a professional & knowledgeable manner." 
- Matt, Homeowner

"I particularly like the way you explain specific concerns to the home buyers without drama!"
- Dianne, Realtor

Justin Marler

Justin is a fourth generation builder and an expert in home improvement, energy efficiency, residential construction, and property inspections. His 20 years of experience in the building trade began in a monastery in Alaska where he learned carpentry from monks, and helped design and build a monastery cloister. Since then Justin’s experience has ranged from residential remodeling, to fixing and flipping real estate properties, to residential building using sustainable green building practices. As a full-time home inspector, having performed over 2,000 inspections and energy audits, Justin combines his diverse background with a high level of professionalism. He founded Square House in 2009.

Licence & Certifications
Professional Home Inspector: TREC license #9846
Termite/WDI Inspector: TDA Certified Applicator #560753
Energy Auditor: RESNET HERS Rater
Phone: (512) 828-1980 

Ryan Jones

Ryan has a background in the trades, light renovation and running small businesses. After graduating high school Ryan worked as a cabinetmaker for 5 years and eventually became the operations manager for a small company where he managed employees and was head of customer relations. For years Ryan did light remodeling on the side just for fun. In 2015 he decided to make the leap into the inspection industry and graduated from Better School of Building Inspection. Ryan lives in South Austin with his wife and three children.

Licence & Certifications
Professional Inspector: TREC license #21814
Termite/WDI Inspector: TDA Termite Technician #740387
Phone: (512) 921-7473

Fadi El-Assad

Fadi has a background as a professional home builder, carpenter, and furniture builder. Before joining Square House, for over 8 years he worked alongside the best craftsmen and fabricators in Austin on high-end new construction and remodels, ranging from rough-in to fine finish work, and everything in between. He attended the University of North Texas in his hometown of Denton.  Fadi has been a resident of Austin for over a decade, where he lives with his wife and young daughter.

Licence & Certifications
Real Estate Inspector: TREC license #21861
Termite/WDI Inspector: TDA Termite Technician #734728
Phone: (512) 496-4835

Jeff Thorp

Jeff Thorp is a 7 th Generation Texan whose family settled into The Central Texas area prior to our
Statehood and induction into the United States, he will proudly tell you his family built Texas. Through his twenties Jeff lived in Austin and worked in a variety of construction trades including residential remodeling, specialty concrete work, water proofing and structural Iron work. He has built schools, hospitals and even City Hall. Jeff entered the home Inspection Industry in 2005 and since then has performed well over 3000 Inspections on all types of construction from 500sq ft. pier and beam homes to 30,000 sq. foot mixed construction commercial properties. He is extremely familiar with Austin and its construction types and practices over time, and his attention to detail and ability to simply and effectively communicate make him a fantastic inspector.  

Licence & Certifications
Real Estate Inspector: TREC license #8650
Phone: (512) 585-8726

Nova Marler

As office manager, Nova takes care of all business matters so the inspectors can focus on inspecting. She enjoys taking care of all our client's inspection needs with the goal of making things go as smooth as possible. Nova has years of retail management experience and loves working with people. 

Phone: (512) 483-1225