ECAD Energy Audits

If you are selling a property in Austin you may need to provide an energy audit to potential buyers. This energy audit must comply with the City of Austin’s Energy Conservation Audit & Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance. If you need to get this audit filed Square House ECAD energy auditors can help. With easy online scheduling, competitive pricing, same day turnaround, and professional service, we can make this part of the selling process easy for homeowners and agents alike.

Who Must Comply

Austin’s Energy Conservation Audit & Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance applies to the sale of single-family, multifamily and commercial properties. Single-family properties that meet the following criteria must be audited before time of sale:

  • The building was constructed more than ten years before time of sale
  • The building receives electricity from Austin Electric Utility
  • The property is within Austin city limits

The ECAD ordinance defines a single-family home as a building comprising fewer than five dwelling units. This includes condominiums.

Qualifying properties will be required to provide an energy audit to potential buyers. All properties that do not fall under the above criteria, such as PEC customers and newer homes, do not have to conduct an energy audit.

Click here to check to see if you need to comply

How it works

  • Schedule your Energy Audit online or by phone
  • We perform the Energy Audit which takes about 1-2 hours
  • We provide you with a copy of the audit
  • We file the audit with Austin Energy
  • The audit is good for 10 years

It should be noted that there are exemptions to the ordinance. Click here to see a complete list of these exemptions.

What the Audit Covers

Austin’s ECAD (Energy Conservation Audit and Disclosure) ordinance focuses most of its attention on the main components of a house that use and lose energy. The energy audit will include:

  • Identification of window shading and solar screens
  • Inspection of attic insulation level and R-value
  • Efficiency of heating and cooling equipment
  • Air sealing at plumbing area, weatherstripping and attic access
  • Duct diagnostics using Duct Blasting equipment
  • Identification of water conservation measures

In addition, the audit report will include some helpful information on energy conservation and will identify which improvements may qualify for rebates. If you are selling your house and need an ECAD energy audit in Austin, Square House will help you through the process.