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Every house requires periodic and annual maintenance to help the home run smoothly and to prevent costly problems down the road. I recommend using the following checklist as a starting point for home maintenance. More detailed information, such as step-by-step instructions, insiders tips and conservation information, can be found at the Tips + Advice section of this website.  

Regular Maintenance

AC: Change air filter(s) as needed
Fridge: Change water filter if present
Toilets: Ensure flappers are not leaking or wasting water
Faucets: Repair any leaky or dripping faucets
Dishwasher: Clean out filter at bottom inside unit 
Trim Foliage: Trim all foliage away from the house at exterior walls
AC clearance: Trim foliage round outdoor unit

Annual Maintenance

Smoke Detectors: Change all batteries and test each detector
Heating & Cooling: Have the system serviced by a qualified contractor
Water Heater: Have T&P valve (A.K.A. TPRV) tested
Water Heater: Have unit drained to evacuate any sediment
Electrical: Test all GFCI outlets (outlets with test & reset buttons)
Plumbing: Check under sinks for plumbing leaks
AC Drain Line: Clean out condensate drain line with bleach (4 oz. bleach to gal. water) or vinegar
Dryer Vent: Clean lint out of the dryer vent
Water Meter Test: Inspect the sensitive dial on your meter for water leaks
Roof: Clean debris off roof covering
Exhaust fans: Clean dirt buildup from bathroom/laundry exhaust fans
Gutters & Downspouts: Clean out debris as needed
Chimney: Have cleaned if used regularly
Deck: Seal wood decks as needed
Wood door: Seal exterior wood door as needed
Water Softener: Add salt and service as needed

Additional Maintenance for Some Houses

Ejector Pump: Have ejector pump cleaned serviced
Well: Have well and pump equipment inspected and serviced
Septic: Have septic tank pumped every 3-5 years
Water Softener: Add salt as needed
AC Condensate Pump: Clean out condensate pump reservoir