Preparing for Your Energy Audit

In order to make the process go as smoothly as possible we recommend preparing for your energy audit by considering the following:


Access to the property needs to be determined at least 24-48 hours before the inspection. Listing agents and occupants need to be notified and a plan for access needs to be determined. Since we have Digital Active Keys we can access digital lock boxes. No CBS code is required for access.


Be sure the electricity is on at least 24 hours before the audit. Without electricity we will not be able to test the AC or perform ducting diagnostics.


We will need to gain access to the attic(s). In addition HVAC (heating and AC) systems need to be readily accessible. 


You don't have to be present for the energy audit, however attending at the end can be a great time to learn about energy efficiency and ways you can improve the home. 


Payment for the energy audit should be made on the day of the audit. The report will not be released or filed with the City of Austin until payment has been made. Payment options include the following:

  • Credit Card at the following link: Pay Online
  • Check payable to Square House
  • Cash


If you have any other questions about the energy audit process or the ECAD Ordinance please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.