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Square House

"Justin was meticulous and thorough with our home inspection. He clearly explained every concern he had and wrote a very detailed report. I couldn't imagine a better home inspector."
- Review from Redfin

"Kyle has gone far beyond my expectations with his fast response to my questions and has conducted himself in a professional & knowledgeable manner." 
- Matt, Homeowner

"I particularly like the way you explain specific concerns to the home buyers without drama!"
- Dianne, Realtor

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is the cutting edge in home diagnostics. With the use of an infrared camera, which is a non-invasive diagnostic tool, the inspector has a greater chance at detecting concealed and hard to find issues and defects. Areas that are scanned with the camera include walls, plumbing areas, ceiling areas, ducting, and other areas of concern.

About Thermal Imaging

The thermal imaging camera produces an image based on minor differences in surface temperature of the areas of the home that are scanned. Every material has a unique thermal signature and when anomalies are present, such as moisture and excessive heat, the thermal signature changes. A trained inspector can detect possible issues by interpreting the images captured by the camera. Common defects or issues that can be found using thermography include:

  • Thermal and insulation deficiencies
  • Concealed plumbing leaks
  • Air loss at ducting
  • Air infiltration and house leakage
  • Roof leaks and flashing issues
  • Termite activity

About the Thermal Report

The thermal imaging service we offer includes a complete scan of the house along with a report that includes the thermal images taken during the scan and a light image for reference. The report also includes captions and our professional opinions about the thermal anomalies detected in the photos.

Example Images

Example of low insulation around an air supply register.

Example of missing insulation in a very hot attic.

Example of air loss due to leaky ducting in attic.

Example of missing insulation in wall.