Who Needs an ECAD Audit

Austin’s Energy Conservation Audit & Disclosure (ECAD) ordinance applies to the sale of single-family properties. The ECAD ordinance defines a single-family home as a building comprising fewer than five dwelling units and includes condominiums. An energy audit is required if:

  • The building was constructed more than ten years before time of sale
  • The building receives electricity from Austin Electric Utility
  • The property is within Austin city limits

Qualifying properties will be required to provide an energy audit to potential buyers no later than 3 days before the buyers option period expires. All properties that do not fall under the above criteria, such as PEC customers and newer homes, do not have to conduct an energy audit.

If you are unsure if you must comply with the ordinance you can go to Austin Energy's website and use their self check tool. Click here to check to see if you need to comply.