Square House helps landlords and rental property management companies save money with Rental Condition Inspections. With the nominal upfront cost of an inspection property managers can cut costs by catching maintenance issues early before they become more major, costly problems.


Our inspections include evaluation of the following systems: foundation, roof covering, grading and drainage, interior and exterior walls, windows and doors, electrical (safety related), plumbing fixtures, heating and air conditioning systems, kitchens and bathrooms, and some appliances. It should be noted that inspection of these items is not intended to be exhaustive, but only to discover deficiencies, failures and problems that may need immediate attention.


The following items are outside the scope of our rental inspections: pools and spas, detached buildings, playscapes, water softening equipment, septic systems, ejector pumps, refrigerators, clothes washers and dryers, alarm systems, gas lines and gas tanks. In addition, the inspection and report do not address asbestos, radon gas, radiation, lead paint, urea formaldehyde, mold, insects (except for termites) and rodents.

About the Inspection Report

The inspection report includes detailed condition information along with photos and repair recommendations. Any repair concern or life safety concern is highlighted in read so as to help navigate the information. Repair companies or handymen can use this report to prioritize repairs and determine repair costs.