Finding an inspector for Short-Term Rental (STR) property inspections has been tough for people who want to rent out their properties. Some folks want to comply with Austin's new STR ordinance, but can't find an inspector. After dozens of requests, Square House now performs STR property inspections in Austin, TX.

About Austin's STR Ordinance

As of January 1, 2014 properties in Austin used as Short-term rentals (STRs) are required to obtain an operating license by City Council resolution (Ordinance No. 20130926-144). The City of Austin defines an STR as the rental of a residential unit or accessory building for less than 30 consecutive days. In order to operate as a STR property owners must jump through the city's hoops. One of the requirements is applicants must provide the city with a Certificate of Occupancy or Certified Inspection.

Certified Inspection

Older homes may not have a Certificate of Occupancy, which is provided at the end of the new construction process. Therefore many STR property owners may need to get a Certified Inspection. As TREC licensed home inspectors, we meet the requirements to perform these specialized Certified Inspections. 

About the STR Inspection Report

The inspection report form is a 3 page checklist where inspectors document property condition information as well as safety and code related data. To view the STR Certified Inspection report form Click Here.

What to Do Next

If you need this STR Certified Inspection you can book the appointment by clicking the "Book Online Now" button to the left. Under "Other Inspection Services" select Short Term Rental. The inspector will then show up at the property at the time selected, perform the inspection, and leave a copy of the report form with the homeowner upon completion. For more information regarding STR compliance Click Here.