Praparing for Your Listing Inspection

A home inspection is typically the white knuckle part of the buying and selling process. In order to make this go as smooth as possible I recommend preparing for the inspection by considering the following:


There are five things every homeowner should know about pre-listing inspections. For more information I recommend reading my article, About Pre-Listing Inspections.


If you plan on spending a little time and money to get your house market ready, there are a few things you can do to minimize the number of items that will turn up on the inspection report. For more information I recommend reading my article, The Market Ready Listing.


Be sure all utilities are on at least 24 hours before the inspection. In addition all pilot lights and valves need to be in the on position. Inspection of any system that is not on at the time of the inspection will be greatly limited.


Before the inspection report can be released you will need to Read and Sign the Inspection Agreement. Here's how you can sign the agreement:


Payment for the inspection should be made on the day of the inspection. Payment options include the following:

  • Credit card online at the following link: Pay Online
  • Credit card at the time of the inspection with my iPhone Square app
  • Check (payable to Square House)
  • Cash


If you are in Austin city limits, a customer of Austin Energy and your house is 10 years or older you may be required to provide an energy audit to potential buyers. I can perform this audit for you at the time of the inspection. For more information about Austin’s ECAD(Energy Conservation Audit & Disclosure) ordinance Click Here.