Flying Termites

Ever see a cloud of little flying bugs that look like small moths or flying ants? In spring and summer in Austin you may notice these after a rain. These are flying termites, or more accurately known as swarming subterranean termites. If you see them flying around the outside of your house don't freak out. Your house isn't going to necessairly end up a pile of sawdust. These flying termites are the ones that reproduce, not the ones that eat wood. They flutter around, land on the ground and begin new termite colonies. Here's a large swarm on a warm day in Austin, Texas after a rain. Perfect conditions for swarming subterranean termites. 

Energy Saving Tips

* Turn your thermostat down to 68° daytime, 60° at bedtime and when leaving home. * Clean or replace furnace filter every month. * Keep vents clean and clear of furniture. * Close vents and doors to unused rooms. * Close fireplace dampers when not in use. * Close the heat registers and shut the doors of unoccupied rooms.

Testing Smoke Detectors

The single most important maintenance task homeowners should perform around the house is testing smoke detectors. Having operable smoke detectors saves lives. It’s that simple. Two-thirds of reported residential fire deaths occur in homes with smoke alarms that are not working or not present.

Water Heater Heat Pump

In order to offset water heating costs consider installing the most current technology in water heater heat pump systems. These heat pump type units, which attach to your existing water heater, extract btu's (heat) out of the air in the room and transfer this heat to the water in the water heater.

Cleaning Your Roof

If your house is under or near trees you will probably need to clean the debris off your roof periodically. Leaves, branches and debris have a tendency of piling up in valley areas, and on roofs with a low slope. This debris, which is organic material, retains moisture and over time will break down.