Does Your AC Have Room to Breathe

Throughout the year it’s easy to forget, or simply not notice that bushes, weeds or tall grass have grown up around your AC compressor (a.k.a. AC condenser). In many cases homeowners plant shrubs around the unit to conceal it for aesthetic purposes. Yes, these units are pretty ugly, but in the hot summer months they can be a lifesaver. In this case function goes before form. As a rule, foliage growing within 24 inches of your compressor is hindering peak performance and can increase your electric bill. Two things are happening in this situation that hinder cooling: air is not able to circulate properly around the unit and dirt is building up on the fins, which reduces efficiency. In order to get the very best performance out of your compressor it is important maintain proper clearance around the unit. This means clearing any foliage away and keeping the unit clean and serviced.