Did Your Inspector Miss Something?

After you purchase your home, you may notice an issue that the inspector apparently missed. What should you do?

First, do not have the item repaired, unless it's urgent or a safety issue (such as a broken pipe or gas line). Give the inspector the chance to come back to the home, look at the issue, and determine if it was present at the time of the inspection.

The inspector may schedule a return visit to inspect the issue. It's possible that the issue is not covered under the inspector's agreement, or was not visible to the inspector. Remember, most inspectors are limited to a plain-sight, non-invasive inspection; they're not allowed to damage or disturb the seller's property while doing their job.

The inspector will discuss the issue with you, and review the terms of the inspection agreement to decide whether or not it should have been covered by the original inspection.

If the inspector did miss an item that should have been reported, Square House has a strict policy to offer a partial or complete refund of the inspection fee. Square House will mail you a check to "make it right". If the inspector missed something significat or costly, the repairs might be covered by our insurance. 

Remember, if you see an item that you think your inspector missed, call your inspector as soon as possible. The terms of your inspection agreement include a time limit for following up on an issue.