Our Inspection Services

Our goal is to provide home buyers and agents with information that is accurate and easy to understand. Because of our varied backgrounds and certifications, during every inspection we analyze a home from many perspectives. Here’s what you get with your home inspection:

Structural & Mechanical Inspection

The structural and mechanical inspection includes a visual inspection of the foundation, plumbing, electrical, walls, doors and windows, attic, water heater, heating and cooling equipment and ducting among other things. Every accessible square foot of the house is inspected, including crawlspaces and 2nd story roofs.

Inspection with Thermal Infrared Camera

Because some problems within a house are elusive and hard to detect, we use IR thermal imaging cameras during our inspections. Using a thermal imaging camera during a home inspection can help to detect thermal issues as well as plumbing leaks and water damage.

Termite/WDI Report

Termites are a force to reckon with in Central Texas. Because termites can cause significant structural damage to homes, we are licensed with the State of Texas to perform termite and wood destroying insect (WDI) inspections. We offer this service for an additional fee upon request. This report identifies any previous or active wood destroying insect infestations. It also points out any conditions that are conducive for infestations. For more information click here.

Energy Evaluation

With the rise in energy costs, energy efficiency is becoming important to home owners. Our inspections include detailed, energy efficiency information and recommendations. 

Reports Same Day

There is no need to wait for the information you need in buying your home. At the end of the day all my clients receive their inspection report.

Digital Photos

Seeing is believing! In order to help my clients better understand their report, digital photos are included at the back of each report.

100% Guarantee

As a part of my commitment to excellence, if you are not 100% satisfied with your home inspection you will get a full refund.