Leaky Air Ducting

In the average home, ducting is generally out of sight and completely out of mind. However, leaky ducting is now recognized as a major source of energy waste in both new and existing houses. Studies indicate that duct leakage can account for as much as 30% of total house energy loss. This is money literally blowing in the wind.

Save Money & Increase Comfort

In addition to losing energy and money, leaky ducting can prevent heating and cooling systems from doing their job properly, which ultimately results in discomfort indoors. Rooms can be too hot or too cold, and leaky ducting can create air quality problems by pulling pollutants and irritants directly into the house.

Duct Blasting Basics

The most effective way to determine the leakiness of your ducting is by duct blasting. This diagnostic technique consists of installing a Duct Blaster fan at the largest air return, covering all supply registers, and operating the fan to pressurize the ducting. A pressure gauge installed in a supply register near the air handler provides an accurate measure of air leakage.

Duct Blasting Myth

Some folks are concerned that Duct Blasting can cause harm to the ducting system. The term “Duct Blasting” sounds pretty intense and is probably the source of this myth. Don’t worry. Duct blasting does not harm your ducting. The Duct Blaster fan pressurizes the system to about 25 Pascals, which is similar to the pressure that the average ducting system experiences under normal operation.